Who We Are

K9Wave Dock Diving LTD. was founded, and incorporated in Canada, by 4 women who love the sport of dock diving.

Meet Our Founders:

Mary Young


Mary found a love for all canine sports over 30 years ago. She believes that there are many methods of dog training that crosses over and compliments all dog sports. Mary enjoys being active in Agility, Dock Diving, Flyball and Frisbee, and she and her dogs are always game to try new activities.

In 2015, Mary found a passion for canine dock diving with her Belgian Malinois, Swindle and her Australian Cattle Dog, Quiz. She has traveled up and down the West Coast competing, learning, and observing at competitions, and loving the game more and more. She has competed with Swindle and her other Belgian Malinois, Scandal at Regional and National Events throughout North America with multiple placements over the years. More recently, Guilty, her Staffordshire Bull Terrier has jumped into action, and has competed at Regional competitions as well.

Her love and devotion for dock diving made a huge splash in 2019 when she opened her own pool facility, K9 Pool School. She saw the need and opportunity to share with others the joy of the sport. She has been welcoming people and their dogs into this sport for years, and it has been a highlight of her journey. She enjoys teaching and guiding people and their dogs, on how to improve and enhance their team's performance on and off the dock. Creating a culture that everyone is welcome, continues to drive Mary’s passion for the sport.

Lorraine Jurovich


Lorraine has been involved with dogs her entire life, growing up with a border collie and teaching him all the things she could think of, it was a good thing he was such a good sport and willing to try anything. She became involved in formal dog sports with her Old English Sheepdog in 1993 and that same year became a member of the Superdogs. For the next year 23 years she travelled North America with the Superdog Team and even went to Bermuda to perform. During that time she also competed in agility, flyball and herding. Lorraine continues to train and/or compete in agility, dock diving, barn hunt, herding and is training her youngest for flyball.

Through her young kelpie, Lorraine has developed a passion for canine behaviour and is always learning better ways to make life safer and more accessible to sensitive and fearful dogs.

She is very excited to be a part of the sport of dock diving and looking forward to sharing with people that ALL dogs can enjoy it and especially those dogs that struggle in life because of their sensitivity or fear.

Jennifer Zimmerly-Offinga


Jen has been active with her dogs for over 25 years. She has had Boxers, Boston Terriers, and Smush Faced Mixes. Through the years, she has competed with her dogs in Flyball, Agility, Dock Diving, Barn Hunt, Lure Sports, and exploring Scent Work now. Her goal is to always ensure that her dog’s enjoyment of any of the sports come first and foremost.

Dock Diving started for Jen in 2013. She decided to try Dock Diving with her Boston Terrier, Hoodlum. He had a zest for “jumping”… add a full pool of water and then Dock Diving was it for them. They qualified several times for National Events and was a National Winner in 2015. She trained Motive, another Boston Terrier to Dock Dive. Motive had couple National Qualifications, but she is now retired. Frantic, her Boston Terrier Mix rounds out her Dock Diving Dogs. He has many Regional Qualifications, and he literally puts the word “Dive” into Dock Diving. She has traveled and competed on the West Coast and as far as the Southern East Coast. She will continue to travel far and wide to spread the joy of Dock Diving.

Jen enjoys this sport because of the community. She is thrilled to welcome and encourage newcomers, cheer on friends, will hold competitor’s dogs, and will celebrate everyone’s achievements.

Sondel Fermer


Sondel has been involved with the sport of canine dock diving since 2014, with her partner Dianna, and their Belgian Malinois, Timber & Big Guy Montana. They've traveled all over the country competiting with multiple organizations.

TeamTimber has been honored with multiple championship titles and invites to compete in Diving Dog at the Incredible Dog Challenge (IDC) over the years (2015-2017). Timber has since retired.

The Big Guy has also gone on to earn invitations to IDC in Fetch-it (2021 & 2022).


To provide a social and engaging environment, bringing together a community to celebrate each Team's (Handler, Holder, and Dog) personal achievements by building each other up for a positive atmosphere to participate in safe water games with their dogs.


  • Promote interest in the sport of Dock Diving
  • Define industry-standard rules for K9Wave events
  • Train and approve Judges for K9Wave Events
  • Approve safe and upstanding facilities for K9Wave events
  • Sanction K9Wave events
  • Encourage National and International K9Wave events
  • Recognize Excellence in all teams at all K9Wave events